Friday, April 30, 2010

Fish Tacos

So this is less of a recipe, more of my adventures in Fish Taco land. My sister-in-law always makes these and they always sound so awesome. I had some leftover cabbage from Cabbage Wraps that I wanted to use up and Fish Tacos came to mind. I didn't really follow a recipe, just started throwing things together. Also, I've been on a kick where I'm really trying to meal plan dinners that I can fully expect the kids to eat too. More on that another day, but for now I'll just say that I decided to fry the fish so that we had it in the tacos, and the boys had it like fish sticks. Everybody wins. Everybody ate it. Mom was happy.

Fish Tacos

White fish filets cut into about 1-2 inch strips (I went with cod because it was on sale... halibut or tilapia would work too)
1 egg
flour, salt and pepper
corn tortillas

For the cabbage slaw:
cabbage, cut into shreds
diced fresh jalapeno
lemon juice (maybe half a squeezed?)
chopped cilantro
1/4 cup greek yogurt
spices: cumin, chili powder, garlic and paprika (enough of each to cover the top. you can't really overspice this so go crazy. Pictured is taco seasoning but I decided at the last minute when the ingredient list looked like a science experiment to just use these spices instead)

Quick Pico De Gallo:
lemon juice
chopped jalapeno

So see the beer batter and the beer below? Disaster. I was a little nervous about frying fish so I bought this batter. It involved coating the filets in this thick, who-knows-whats-in-it batter and then deep frying. And it was hard. I'm just a northern girl who doesn't know how to deep-fry stuff. And there are no pictures because it was CHAOS in the kitchen while I was trying to fend-off starving children while having no idea what I was doing with the fish! It turned out good enough that it worked for the kids, and in the tacos but...

... the next time I did fried fish I did it similar to how I make chicken tenders and it was MUCH better. Simply coat the fish in egg (whisked), then coat with a mixture of flour, salt and pepper. Fry it in a thin layer of olive oil over medium-hot heat a few minutes on each side until crispy on the outside. Much easier, much healthier, much better!

For the cabbage, chop it into shreds and add the greek yogurt (just enough to coat), the spices, cilantro, lemon juice and chopped jalapeno.

Stir it up and refrigerate it until its ready to use.

And then I realized I didnt have any salsa in the house (I'm part Mexican so this is a sin). But this was way better... just a few tomatoes chopped with cilantro, lemon juice, salt, a touch of garlic powder and chopped jalapeno.

Served the fish, slaw and pico de gallo in a corn tortilla. I LOVED the cold, crunchiness of the slaw with the spicyness of the pico de gallo and the crunch of the hot fish. So even though the fish frying was a disaster, it was still pretty good. Hope this inspires you to give fish tacos a go, your own way!

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