Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Party Food

This past weekend I hit up every type of party Suburbia has to offer ... two 30-something Birthday celebrations, Bunco, Football tailgate, Engagement Party, 3 year old's birthday, and a Baptism. All I needed was an invite to a Tupperware party to make my Weekend in Suburbia complete.

Anyway, I was *planning* to bring food to each event, until I had a liiiiiitle too much fun on the first night and ended up scratching every activitiy on Saturday. Oops. In any event, my logic was that instead of making a bunch of different appetizers, I would make one batter bowl-ful of Elina's Chicken Buffalo Bites and then before each party, fill 24 mini-muffin bite sized snacks to bring along. Great idea in theory... and it worked great for the 4/7 parites I made it to.

I love love this recipe because it's so darn tricky. It tastes like you're eating fat football food, but really its 100% greek yogurt (all protein, no fat) and chicken with some spices. Okay and some cheese. Elina doesn't add cheese to hers and she's right, you don't totally need it. But I need it!! I love cheese too much! Add as much or as little as you want and it won't affect the overall taste.

Elina's Buffalo Chicken Bites
(this makes a TON, so halve this for a more modest amount of the bites. BUT keep in mind, whatever's left, you can throw in a dish in the oven and serve as a dip with torn bread or celery sticks. Freezes well too.)

2 chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
1/2 cup Red Hot
14 oz 0% Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt
2 handfuls of Shredded Cheddar/Mexican Blend (Elina doesn't do this, but the thought of not makes me sad)
1 package Dry Ranch Seasoning (use a full package no matter how much you make)
Grands Jr. Flaky Layers Biscuits

Just add the yogurt, ranch, hot sauce and cheese in a bowl and mix well.

Put a thin layer of the biscuits into the bottom of each pan and press down.

Chicken 5 minutes in the microwave in my Deep Covered Baker then chopped in 2 seconds with Salad Choppers. I know you're jealous if you had to bake and then two-fork shred your chicken!!

Mix it all together.

Fill each cup, but not so that it goes over the edge. I sprinkled a teeeeensy bit more little cheese on top because it looked yummier.

Bake at 350 for 12 minutes or until golden brown and perfect!


Katy said...

Those look soooooo good! Definitely going to try that soon!

Too Vain to Gain said...

one word:

Jackie said...

who is this "too vain to gain" mystery person??

Julie said...

oh my word! :)

The Longendyke Family said...

I just made my grocery list to include all these ingredients! Making this for football on Sunday! looks delish!!

K said...

Okay, just made these 2x's for 2 different parties last week and they were huge hits at both places! Thank you!!!