Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Kind of Recovery Drinks

Saturday was the ideal day. I woke up to perfect, cool, sunny, blue-sky fall weather, and picked up Kate and Meredith for our 5K race. This was the first race back since having babies for Meredith and I, and we were equal parts excited and nervous about what the morning would hold.

When we talked about a race plan, Meredith said "You know we are going to be overly-excited and go out way too fast the first mile, right?" I brushed that notion aside, but sure enough as we passed the 1st mile marker that morning, the clock read 6:47. Oops. I thought there was no way I could sustain that for the rest of the race. I repeated over and over the verse that always repeats in my head on race days "Those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength, They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary." My strength truly was renewed for the 2nd and 3rd miles, and I couldn't believe it when Meredith, Kate and I all finished in the 21st minute!

After the race Meredith and I set out for a friend's birthday at Breaux Vineyard. Already on a high from a great race, the idyllic views and great companionship only elevated my spirits! That glass of wine was the best darn "recovery drink" I could have asked for yesterday.

Have you ever heard anyone say that chocolate milk is the perfect recovery drink? Well I heard that once, and I held onto it. Because chocolate milk is kind of like a chocolate milkshake, right? And I have an obsession with Chocolate Milkshakes. But they MUST be made the right way. Don't mess around with these ingredients. There are only two, so do it right, or don't do it at all.. Nights after track workouts or a race ...or okay, even nights after I haven't done a dang thing all day, I like to cozy up with one of these...

My Kind of Recovery Drink

Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream

**yes, it HAS to be Breyers. It doesn't have to be chocolate but it has to be Breyers. No, Breyers is not paying me for this. And it can't be low fat either. Come on, if you're going to eat ice cream, then eat ice cream! Breyers has natural ingredients so you can't taste anything artificial-like, real cocoa for the chocolate, and just the right amount of "icyness" for the milkshake. **
1% Organic Milk

The ratio of ice cream to milk is key. First scoop in the ice cream so that its close to the top. Don't pack it down at all! I know it looks like there's a ton of ice cream in here but theres not, I just didn't pack it down at all. Fill the rest with milk. You want more milk than ice cream, so it ends up being more like a really icy cold chocolate milk.

Now just mix it up with the spoon, careful to break up all the clumps. It will take some perfecting to stir it up without spilling, but I've mastered this art.

Prepare to be addicted. It might even make you go run just so you have a reason to make a recovery drink.


The Longendyke Family said...

Congrats on your race! You girls are amazing. :) Thank you so much for joining us on Saturday - I was so happy to celebrate with you! xoxo

Whitney said...

34 weeks pregnant and I think that I will plan to have one of these every night. Because I must recover, just from being pregnant and swollen. Right? :)

Nice time on the 5K!

The Samsons said...

oops didnt mean to do that (erase the post)....
just wanted to add in "great race!!!!"
and the other part just said your chocolate milkshake is making me want one soooo badly. miss lily and her milk sensitivity..grrrr!! might be worth a pump and dump. hehe