Friday, June 18, 2010

Swiss Chard

More leafy greens from CSA... Swiss Chard. Instead of throwing it in this, my go-to swiss chard recipe, I tried out the recipe that the farm sends out with the weekly CSA boxes. It was easy, light, perfect for a hot summer night, healthy, and surprisingly filling!

Swiss Chard Wraps

Chicken breasts or tenders (olive oil, salt and oregano)
grape tomatoes, quartered
cucumbers, chopped
swiss chard leaves (1 per wrap)

I was pretty sure (ok, 100% sure) the kids wouldn't go for the wrap, but at least I could get them to munch on the individual ingredients while I made dinner! Nothing like hummus and a little iced coffee! (just kidding, thats my cup)

Brown chicken in a skillet with a touch of olive oil, salt and oregano

While thats cooking prepare your other toppings

Then to assemble the wraps, spread hummus on the swiss chard leaf

Add the other toppings (chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, feta and parsley), and finish by squeezing some fresh lemon juice all over the top... this is KEY! The feta is salty so you probably don't want to add more salt.

Wrap it up and enjoy!

I was a little worried my husband would murder these in 5 seconds then go raiding the fridge for a real dinner... but they actually filled us up! A little messy to eat, but the flavors were perfect!


Laura Villarreal said...

Those look delicious and easy! and Zach is such a cutie!

Jackie said...

I made this for dinner yesterday and rolled some extras, wrapped them in cellophane, and kept them in the fridge overnight. Now I'm eating them at my desk! A little messy but the point is they kept well for almost 24 hours wrapped up in the fridge! Yum - thanks for great recipe KJ!