Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

My friend Meredith introduced me to this awesome, time-sucking web site called On Mondays the author posts links to literally hundreds of other blogs where weekly meal plans are posted. I love this idea! Everyone could use some new ideas and this is a great place to look. Check out the website yourself on Mondays! Here's my submission for the week... throughout the week I'll post the pics/recipes to the unlinked meals, if they turn out any good!

(perfect for a rainy day)


Wednesday (St. Pattys Day!!)
Corned Beef and Cabbage
Pre-marinated, nitrate free Corned Beef sells at Trader Joes for 4.99 a pound,
its great I got it last year too! And the meal couldn't be simpler.
Gotta love the Irish for their simplicity :)
Chicken, Spinach, Brown Rice, Cherry Tomato Casserole
(kinda making this one up with ingredients I have)

Crispy Fish with Lemon Dill Sauce and Quick Asparagus
(looks like nuggets, Im anticipating a winner with the kids!)


Leftovers or creations from whatevers left in the fridge!


Spaghetti and Meatballs
(Kevin's cooking! more on that story later...)

Speaking of things kids love (or will tolerate)... I just tried out these new "fish nuggets" from Trader Joes this weekend. My picky eater even ate them!! And didn't even realize the difference! Both kids hate fish sticks so I was happy that they'll eat these. Give 'em a try!


The Samsons said...

yay! ooh I'm glad you posted yours. I seriously think ALL of your blog readers will have to thank you (and me ;) ) and the asian beef stir fry was a success!!

Rebecca Samson said...

Yes thank you for posting! I need to be better about this. I enjoyed two great stir fry dishes this weekend ;)

The Longendyke Family said...

thank you so much for posting this - what a great idea! I really need to try the sausage marscapone - so excited for that! thanks again!