Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm not doing so great at keeping up with this blog lately. Dinner time has gotten increasingly more circus-like around here. Now that this little lady baby is on the move, keeping up with three hungry, tired, and impatient little people while simultaneously making dinner and stopping to take pictures of it has become like a form of self-inflicted torture.

Last night while standing knee deep in an absolute disaster of a kitchen and listening to kids falling apart all around me, I asked myself why the masochist in me is trying to keep up with this blog. But every.single.time. that one of you tries a recipe and writes to tell me that you loved it, I am remotivated ALL over again. The reason I started this blog in the first place was not to build it into some sort of empire, I just wanted to catalog recipes for myself and easily share them with others, and get the point across that making running a priority in my life allows me to keep up with my first passion...


Wait did you think I was going to say my kids?

So the posts may be sporadic, but for those of you who keep coming back anyway THANK YOU. It makes it all worth it to know someone out there got something out of it.

Sage thanks you too. Because without mom's continual commitment to the blog, she may not have been allowed to chow down on lollipops since age 6 months.

So what is Yakisoba you ask? It's been everywhere for me lately. I keep seeing it on menus and even noticed that Costco sells frozen packs of it. It's a Japanese dish that basically consists of stir fried noodles with slices of pork and a variety of vegetables. The restaurant kind is sooooo yummy so if you're out for sushi but feel like indulging instead... eat this.

I wanted to lighten it up a bit at home. Traditionally it is made with Chinese egg noodles, kind of like Ramen. I decided to go with Soba noodles instead. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat so they are gluten free and a "slow-releasing carbohydrate." Whatever that means. Sounds good to me. The real selling point was that they take 3 minutes to cook. We will see if Superman notices I've replaced his spaghetti with Buckwheat noodles. Batman asked what was for dinner. I told him "Yakisoba!" Because it's really fun to say. Seriously, say it with me. Yakisoba!!! Anyway, he bursts into tears... "YUCKY-SOBA?? EWWW!!" So I immediately remedied that by giving this dish a new name.

Chicken Yummy-Soba

Soba Noodles

Frozen edamame

Green onions

Red Pepper

Cabbage (leftover from Cabbage Wraps)

1 inch piece of Ginger (rest will be used tonight in Teriyaki Burgers)

Cooked Chicken (leftover from Crockpot Chicken)

For the sauce: I adapted this from a NY Times article. Might not be the most authentic thing in the world but I was thinking of the home cook. Particularly the ones with hungry kids gnawing at her ankles.

3 tbl toasted sesame oil

2 tbl ketchup

1/4 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup worcshetershiretonville I can never spell that but you know what I'm talking about

2 tbl Mirin (sweet Sake... you can get it at Harris Teeter. Or you can sub some sugar)

Touch of Sriracha :)

Before you do anything, add water to a big pot and let it come to a boil. While you're waiting for that, in a small bowl add the ketchup... Soy sauce and worchestershire 1 tablespoon of the sesame oil and Mirin. Stir it up and set aside.
Add the rest of the sesame oil to a skillet or work and add ginger

While that's going slice the red pepper and the cabbage

Add to the skillet with the ginger and stir fry over medium high heat

Add desired amount of edamame. By the way... edamame is the bomb finger food for babies. Keep the heat on high and let it get back up to a boil.

Hi, I'm Soba.

Once the water comes back up to a boil, add the soba and boil them both for 5 minutes.

While this is happening chop up the green onions and shred/chop the chicken.

Transfer the noodles to the skillet In they go!

Then scoop out the edamame and add those too
Pour the sauce in
Add the chicken and green onions
Stir it up and serve!

A little sriracha on top goes a long way! I mixed the noodles with a little tomato sauce for Superman and he had NO idea. Score.


b. lee said...

beautiful dish! really like that the Soba noodles are made from buckwheat! the entire fam' would devour this ... gonna pass the recipe over to G-dog :D it'll give him a chance to play with his new Wok * * ps. miss Sage is perdy as can be ~ ~ ~

The Samson Family said...

beautiful pictures! thanks for keeping the blog alive! :)

A Home Blog said...

seriously karen.....Im thinking girls night and you can make THAT!! I can bring some wine. ;)