Monday, August 30, 2010


This past Saturday I joined my local running club for the weekend run. My girlfriend who just had her third baby was back out to join us. Kate's husband just finished his Master's program so she was again able to join us. A close girlfriend who is newer to running decided to come out and join us. Between the seven or so friends who came out to run Saturday morning, there were 15 kids between us and 2 still on the way.

When you have little kids around, it is nearly impossible to have conversations lasting longer than 1 minute before a little person has a need. Someone is running away, someone is hitting another kid, someone just face-planted off the couch, someone peed in their pants. Between moms there is a mutual understanding that if in the middle of our conversation someone has to abruptly interrupt to stop their kid from stealing someone's snack, or simply sprint off mid-sentence to break up a wrestling match, it is totally acceptable. Because of that, a million conversations begin and end without ever really happening. At this stage in our parenting lives, the glue that binds our friendship is not the conversations themselves, but the mutual understanding that simply having a real conversation is a difficult task.

That is why I love my Saturday morning runs with my girlfriends. That is why I could run 7 miles without even really noticing the miles tick by this past weekend. That is why I've run 20 miles with my mom-friends and chatted the entire way. I leave my run on Saturdays knowing that not only did I fit in some fitness for the weekend, but I got to connect with another human being without any interruption. I got to listen to a story from beginning to end! I actually prefer it to a night out on the town because 1. I'm multitasking. 2. Its free and 3. I'll actually remember our conversations the next day.

I really treasure my Saturday morning runs, recently more than ever.

So while I'm being corny :) ... here's a couple things I've been doing with the abundant amount of corn from CSA and the farmer's markets. People hate on corn all the time as a "nothing" vegetable. Not so! They are high-fiber and fat fighting, and rich in Vitamin C! Who knew.

At first I was blanching my corn before adding it to food, but then I realized that was a total waste of time. Fresh corn is AMAZING. Sweet with a little crunch. Now I've been taking it straight off the cob and adding it to nearly everything. Perfect *on the run* addition to a meal!

Tuna Salad
2 cans tuna, cherry tomatoes, green onions, 1 ear of raw corn kernels, 1 tbl mayo and 3 tbl greek yogurt, salt, pep, and garlic powder.

Over a toasted whole wheat bun with a yummy slice of 'mato.
"Summer" Bruschetta

Grape Tomatoes (I used the heirloom from TJ's... colorful and delicious)

Lots of basil

olive oil

half an onion


couple cloves pressed garlic

1 to 2 corn kernels, straight off the cob!

Used the Salad Choppers on the tomatoes, onion, and basil, straight in the bowl!

Add garlic, corn, salt and olive oil to taste.

Then I took something healthy and fresh and put it on top of something preservative and calorie laden. They cancel eachother out, right? I layered mozz slices on a baguette. Oh, baste each slice with a bit of olive oil first too.
Broil for 5 minutes on high
Top with Bruschetta. SO beautiful and summery!

My sister showed up unexpectedly last night. I think she could smell these all the way from Arlington :)


Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Saturday mornings are one of the most special moments for me every week! I was so happy that JH joined us - it really made me smile knowing I was surrounded by people I love and who support me :)

Rebecca Samson said...

I'm in total agreement! Our Saturday morning runs are the best. Can't wait till 7 miles feels like nothing again. I've been using corn off the cob in a lot of my recipes too. So yummy!

Julie said...

I want to scream AMEN!!!! to that second paragraph. Thank the Lord for friends who 'get it'. :)

The Gittelman family said...

Yum! Now I know what to do with all that corn, instead of just corn-on-the-cob yet again. Thanks!