Friday, October 2, 2009

Me So Love Miso

Lately I am addicited to Miso Soup. I've had it for lunch pretty much every day this week. My dad lived in Japan for several years when he was a strapping young Navy bachelor, so as kids it was often he'd take us to the local sushi joint and order us all kinds of crazy kinds of raw fish (eating with my dad is the greatest experience, the man will try anything!) I have very fond memories of miso soup, so maybe thats why I've been craving it everyday. This little soup and salad combo takes 20 seconds, is healthy, and can easily be brought to the office. I'm a super-fan of SOUP for lunch. Something about the fact that it's hot makes it seem so filling - especially on a chilly fall day!

This week I've been throwing together a salad of leafy spinach greens and finely sliced or grated carrots. I found a ginger dressing (similar to Otani's, yum) to top it off in the Asian section of Wegmans.
The miso soup comes 3 packs in 1 at most grocery stores in the Asian section. Simply heat up 2/3 cup of water and add the mix. Yum.. me so love miso.

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